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•    How fast can a Sprung Structure be erected?
•    How long will the structure last?
•    Does the Sprung Structure meet building codes?
•    What about Vandalism and security?
•    What about other associated costs relating to the construction of a Sprung Structure?
•    Can a Sprung Structure be attached to an existing building?
•    Can a Sprung Structure be air conditioned or heated?
•    How are the acoustics in a Sprung Structure?
•    How is Sprung Instant Structures an environmentally friendly company?
•    Is this a tent?
•    What types of projects are the structures used for normally?

How fast can a Sprung Structure be erected?

Sprung Instant Structures inventory is up to two million square feet of product available for immediate delivery. Structures can be erected at a rate of up to 500 square feet per day for insulated structures and 2,000 square feet per day of non insulated structures. The entire project takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction alternatives.

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How long will the structure last?

The structure consists of an aluminum substructure combined with the highest quality architectural membrane available.

The substructure has an indefinite life expectancy and a 30 year pro-rata guarantee. Our architectural membranes have pro-rata guarantees of up to 20 years. Future replacement membranes are very inexpensive. A complete replacement outer membrane, using our regular grade membrane for example, can be purchased at a cost of only 20% of the then current selling price of the structure.

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Does the Sprung Structure meet building codes?

The Sprung Structure is designed to meet most building code requirements in North America. Once you are ready to proceed, we will supply a comprehensive permitting package complete with drawings and supporting calculations all stamped by a licensed engineer certified in your state or provinces. After placing your order, these drawings are provided free of charge for most applications.

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What about vandalism and security?

The easiest way for a vandal to get into any building is to break a window. Our architectural membrane has a rip stop construction which will prevent tearing of the architectural membrane should it be punctured. Sprung has structures in place in some of the most populated regions of North America with no vandalism problems. References are available upon request. Most graffiti can be easily removed from our DuPont Tedlar coated architectural membrane. Security in a Sprung Structure would be handled the same as any building with windows. Interior motion detectors will set off alarms and summon security or police upon unauthorized entry.

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What about other associated costs relating to the construction of a Sprung Structure?

Sprung Instant Structures, Inc. is the supplier and manufacturer of the fully insulated building system. We will supply a technical consultant to oversee the erection of the structure. Concrete, electrical, HVAC, plumbing etc., are all items that will need to be supplied in addition to the structure. Should one elect not to uses AFS for turnkey services, we will work with your selected contractor(s) to provide them with all the information necessary for the contractor(s) to provide you with budgets and final estimates.

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Can a Sprung Structure be attached to an existing building?

The Sprung Structure can be easily attached to an existing building through our sealed connecting corridor system, available in widths of 10', 14'6" or 19'2".

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Can this Structure be air-conditioned or heated?

The Sprung Structure can be easily air-conditioned or heated. Sprung offers a truly effective insulation system utilizing 8" fiberglass blanket insulation, finished with an attractive tensioned interior membrane. Framed openings are utilized for HVAC ducts penetrating the structure.

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How are the acoustics in a Sprung Structure?

Sprung Instant Structures has supplied dozens of acoustically sensitive applications. The curved profile of the structure provides an interior free of conventional flat walls and corners. Sprung has numerous references that can provide testimonials regarding the structures excellent acoustics properties.

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How is Sprung Instant Structures an environmentally friendly company?

In a world of finite natural resources, recycling is recognized as one of the primary solutions to environmental responsibility but using higher quality reusable products has been given little recognition. Sprung Instant Structures considers itself an environmental leader by utilizing products that have significantly longer life cycles and are, in fact, reusable.Consider the following environmental advantages of the Sprung Structure.

1.    The Aluminum Substructure
Aluminum has an indefinite Life Expectancy. It actually gains additional strength and hardness as it ages. Sprung structures almost always experience multiple life cycles as they are passed on from owner to owner. Steel buildings, by comparison, cannot be easily relocated and an enormous amount of energy is expended to recycle only a percentage of steel at the end of its life. When a Sprung Structure is finally retired, its aluminum substructure is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality.

2.    The Architectural Membranes
The architectural membranes selected for use in Sprung Structures have significant life spans of up to 30 years. Use of high quality membranes dramatically increases the time before a replacement is needed, which in turn reduces the amount of membrane required to be manufactured, reducing energy consumption from manufacturing thereby reducing impact to the environment. Comparably, membranes on tent like products typically have a 5 year life expectancy, requiring the manufacturing of a number of replacements to equal the life expectancy of one architectural membrane on a Sprung Structure.

3.    The Insulation
All fiberglass insulation in a Sprung Structure is composed of 55% recycled postconsumer glass. Every day, over 120 tons of recycled glass, normally bound for the landfill, is melted down and utilized in the manufacturing of the insulation. In addition, an acrylic resin is substituted in the manufacturing process to ensure no phenol formaldehyde or ammonia emissions are created. Every bag of insulation supplied proudly displays the "Eco Logo"

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Is this fabric structure a tent?

The Sprung Structure is an engineered stress membrane structure, the result of over three decades of research and development. The Sprung Structure is constructed of extruded arches, integrally connected to an all weather outer architectural membrane. This specialized architectural membrane is certified flame retardant. Structures are engineered to withstand high wind loads and by design shed snow. With over a century of experience, Sprung Instant Structures delivers the most reliable, versatile and technically advanced semi permanent structures available in the world.

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For what types of projects are these structures normally used?

The Sprung structures have a huge range of uses. The most common uses are:
•    Agriculture
•    Aviation
•    Correctional Facilities
•    Custom Designs
•    Emergency Services
•    Environmental
•    Gaming and Casinos
•    Government
•    Hospitality and Conventions
•    Manufacturing
•    Military
•    Mineral Storage
•    Mining
•    Oil & Gas
•    Ports
•    Ski Resorts
•    Sports and Recreation
•    Tent Rental Products
•    Warehousing and Storage
•    Waste Recycling
•    Houses of Worship

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