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Sprung Instant Structures is the inventor of the stressed membrane structure, an engineered, relocatable, clearspan building alternative.

By constantly designing and integrating customized features and refinements, Sprung Instant Structures is well prepared to respond to specialized needs and creative demands. Sprung Instant Structures has completed a large variety of unique and architecturally demanding projects in conjunction with some of the world's finest, most inventive architects and designers.

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Aluminum Structure

Aluminum Structure

Architectural Membrane Architectural Membrane

Insulation Information

Insulation Information

Sprung Green Product


Sprung structures, by design, are environmentally friendly. Each structure arrives at our client's site prefabricated, eliminating the substantial waste associated with conventional construction - where typically 3.9 lbs pounds of waste goes to a landfill, for each square foot of finished space....more information


Sprung structures endure. By design the structure sheds snow, withstands extremely high winds and shows a remarkable resistance to earthquakes. Through invention, design and continued innovation - Sprung reliability is proven.


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Absolute Fabric Structures will ship anywhere worldwide. Please contact us regarding a sales or rental quote for your fabric covered building.

The Sprung tensioned membrane structure is an innovative fabric building alternative designed for diverse semi-permanent and permanent needs in over 90 countries worldwide.

Our commitment to product evolution will meet tomorrow's possibilities: the proven, advanced and responsive alternative to conventional construction.





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